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Twin brothers Kent & Kevin Smotherman founded TwinFeats Software in 1983 with a simple premise: Free software for a free world. From the beginnings on the Commodore 64 to today's Android apps, that vision has never wavered.

Kent Smotherman
Kent Smotherman has 38 years of professional development experience using over a dozen programming languages. He enjoys teaching web development, chess, and petting the family cat, Solo (obviously), though he is not a Bond villain.
Kevin Smotherman
Kevin Smotherman has 30 years of professional development experience. His current role is as Lead/Advisory Software Development Engineer at CSG International. His favorite day of the year is Groundhog Day. No one knows why.


TwinFeats Software creates innovative, custom web applications which will meet and exceed expectations. We will work with you to fully understand your needs, but more than that - your data. Web applications are all about data, and without deeply understanding the needs of your data, your web application will suffer.

Web application? Huh?

Web sites are static. The content they display doesn't change dynamically. A web application is a web site powered by a database. Facebook is a great example of a web application - the data shown varies by user and can change every single second.


We've written so many applications in the last 35+ years that we have literally lost count! Applications like our FreedomWare line of games for the Commodore 64 are long gone, as are our productivity suite for GEOS on the C64 and Amiga.

Ever use WebEx, GotoMeeting, or Zoom teleconferencing software? We wrote our own back in the 90s for not just conferencing, but online learning. Our Android applications range from custom games to productivity tools. Web sites and web applications? We've done 'em by the dozens.

As we like to say, if we can't do it at TwinFeats Software, its a hardware problem!


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Free software for a free world

TwinFeats Software is twin brothers Kent & Kevin Smotherman.

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